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Meet The Experts in Wedding Planning and Coordination

We’re on a mission to turn the wedding planning period into a time that strengthens your closest relationships, instead of straining them. 

Our Story

Donna Aleman, Founder of Ame Soeur Events

When my daughter got married, I wanted to give her the once-in-a-lifetime wedding. I helped her plan the entire event and then I coordinated it on the day of the wedding. But after the fact, I realized I missed everything. While I may have been in the location of the first dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss, and on and on... I wasn't really present. I was thinking about what needed to be done next.  

At that wedding, the owner of the venue took notice of my skills (which I hadn’t realized I had!) and reached out to see if I would consider becoming a professional coordinator for their venue. I realized I was being given the opportunity to help other moms not miss out on being truly present for their daughter’s wedding day, and it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. 

Now, as the founder of Ame Soeur Events, the leading wedding management and planning service in Cedar Park, TX, I’m helping couples create their once-in-a-lifetime, dream wedding. I want you to feel taken care of every step of the way, so that you can solely focus on enjoying your big day, together.

Sierra Smith, Wedding & Administrative Assistant

Sierra, our "Girl Friday" of Ame Soeur Events, met Donna when she got married herself. Donna coordinated Sierra’s wedding day, but, truthfully, it was easy coordination. Sierra had everything planned to a T. It was kismet. After working several weddings together - Sierra agreed to become Donna’s assistant. 

In addition to being a highly-skilled assistant, Sierra is a big believer in close family relationships and an excellent teacher of the Cupid Shuffle. She’s always one step ahead in the exact moment she needs to be.   

Behind the Name

Ame Soeur (ahm so-ir) is French for..

soulmate · kindred spirit · soul sister

To focus on the “business” of your wedding, while you enjoy the fun stuff: selecting the perfect wedding gown, tasting lots of yummy cake and food, finding your perfect-fit photographer, and living it up engaged-style.

What I Promise You

What We’re Known As

The “Mom-Friendly” Wedding Planner

Our passion is for growing relationships. Whether it’s your mom, dad, or best friend, we love spending time with the people that mean so much to you and are included in the collaborative process. While other planners zero in on the couple, we recognize the importance of interacting with moms and parents, too. Often they’re simply misunderstood. They just want information or to have their opinions heard. By circumventing any confusion or hurt feelings, we get to watch you and your families grow together through this process. And we think that’s pretty great. 

Keep your voice and keep mom in the loop at the same time. 

“The great thing about having Donna help out for my wedding is that my mom got to relax and not worry about making sure everything went off smoothly.”

- Jessica

This is a blessing because having my mom feel relaxed helped me to be relaxed as well, and I honestly didn't worry about a single thing the entire night. There wasn't a single issue all night and I know this is because of Donna.”

The Credentials





Well qualified

Ame Soeur events in 2006

Through Nuptial Essentials Curriculum and Instruction (now Wedding Network)

In Floral Design through Austin Community College 

coordinating 250+ weddings at various venues across the Texas Hill Country, including Pecan Springs Ranch, Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs Mansion, Allan House, Mercury Hall, Twisted Ranch, Ranch Austin, Villa Antonia, Angel Springs, Hidden River Ranch, Union on 8th, and The Springs

To make your wedding planning a success

Helping my brides stay as relaxed as possible and have FUN during the planning process  

The most valuable service I provide